Signs of a traditional woman dating old fashion

When you say you’re not interested in attending his yacht party with him, he’ll go off.

Saying things like “Whatever, I was doing you a favor.

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Listen dude, we’re sorry the genetic gods didn’t bless you with a 12-inch pecker, but no chick really wants that anyway.

Stop letting your small dick ruin your life and stop being an asshole to girls as a defense mechanism. And no, it doesn’t count if he pulls the whole “I just want to see your face” lie.

It might be that he’s a cocky rich asshole like every other guy in NYC, but it could also mean that he’s buying big cars and big watches to make up for something else he has that isn’t very big.

Sometimes if a guy isn’t packing a big dick in the pants, he packs a big dick elsewhere – like, he acts like one.

Unlike every other dude who tries to get inside of you ASAP, this guy takes his time.

He doesn’t pressure you to have sex, and he for sure isn’t pulling the oh-so-subtle pushing your head down maneuver in his vain attempt at getting a BJ.

until they break up and he has to repeat the process all over again.

First off, any guy who wears boxers under his swim trunks really needs to be arrested by the fashion police.

This could almost be confused with #4, but you’ll spot the difference once he hits on you and you reject him.

Instead of taking it like a man or being chill, he’ll suddenly get angry and defensive.

But if a guy is self-conscious about his cock, he might not want to show it to a new girl every Friday night.


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