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But there's another way of looking at it: that Page's secret was what was holding her back all along and that she now is poised for a midcareer renaissance.With , a lesbian drama she's been trying to get off the ground for nearly six years) and, perhaps most intriguingly, a potential studio action franchise on the horizon, there's certainly something about Ellen Page wafting through the air these days that wasn't before.

Page proved a natural at the audition, and she was cast as an orphan in was spun off into a weekly series.

Meanwhile, Page also was developing into a fiercely competitive soccer player and got teased at school for being a tomboy: "I started getting made fun of and getting called a dyke and stuff," she recalls.

The next step was to call a meeting with her closest confidante, who also happens to be her main career strategist: manager-slash-bosom buddy Kelly Bush, who, as founder of ID Public Relations, is one of Hollywood's shrewdest image-wranglers.

The topic had been broached before, and each time, the 47-year-old Bush -- herself a lesbian, who raises two daughters with her wife, with whom she's been with for 18 years -- would lead her client down a winding road of what-ifs, and the conversation would end with Page feeling that the moment was not yet right. Page had the experience of two same-sex relationships that she'd painfully had to keep secret: a two-year romance that began shortly after 's premiere and a second, pricklier affair that played out after that.

Now, two months later, the 27-year-old is seated on the terrace at the Chateau Marmont -- not far from her new $1.7 million home in the Hollywood Hills -- for her first extensive interview since the Valentine's Day speech heard round the world.

She's outfitted in her preferred uniform of jeans, red flannel shirt and black bomber jacket, a "TOM BOY" trucker hat pulled snugly over her head.She still bristles at the memory of the "neuroses of keeping it quiet and always thinking about it and thinking about when you're staying in the hotel and when you're leaving the hotel.It's so awful and hurtful." PHOTOS: Ellen Page's Career in Pictures The next step was to figure out how to go about it."It's not about you." Page's declaration did not come entirely out of the blue.The viral response to it -- the You Tube video racked up 6 million views -- was like a mass exhalation of relief, as if a key puzzle piece to this endearing yet enigmatic star had at last clicked into place."She knew what she didn't want, which is a media tour.


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