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Out of jealousy, he started feeding his friend with lies about me.

He told him I've slept with him and that we were dating.

My love now felt I was cheap to have slept with his friend behind his back so he started dating someone else.

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as far as i'm concerned, to him, you were "just another Bleep".

if you wait another 2 years, then i'd recommend LUTH to check if you've got a tumor in your brain.don't mind me. IBB Fan:which naija girl wants to hear a guy travelled out and won't want to hang on the cliff of 3rd mainland for him?

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Love is reciprocal, if u r not getting it in return pls save it for that handsome guy waiting for you to work accros his path. Yeah I know it's not easy but when you love someone who isn't proud to show you off as his girlfriend, there is a big, big problem.

He's not shy, he's just leaving his options open for other girls to come in. Guys in the house, I have not heard from you or is it because a fellow guy is involved here? [center]Yoba, This will just echo what all above have said or alluded to.

Yoba: Hello friends, I hope u can be of great help to me by advising me religiously on this issue.


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