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African American Women Survivors South Asian Women Survivors Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Survivors [email protected] Survivors Male Survivors Queer Survivor A free, confidential, off-campus support group for LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence or past or present sexual abuse.Facilitated by the Anti-Violence Program of Out Front Minnesota and meets weekly at the Minneapolis offices of Out Front Minnesota. LGBTQ Survivors LGBTQ Survivors of Partner Violence Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Survivors Transgender Survivors - Mike Lew Find listings of other local, state, and national organizations that provide support and resources here.Eheadspace provides a confidential, free, anonymous, secure space where youth can chat or email with a qualified youth mental health professional.

1800 RESPECT This is an Australia wide service for survivors regarding any issue in relation to sexual assault, domestic or family violence. After Silence After Silence is a US based discussion forum which provides a number of password protected/ moderator approved forums specifically for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

After Silence Chat Room is open 24/7 to members only and has regular scheduled topic chats.

Pandora’s Aquarium Chat Room is open 24/7 to members and also has regular scheduled topic chats.

Pandora’s Aquarium has two ‘Chatterators’ who are in charge of the operations of the Chat Room, additionally a group of chat moderators regularly participate in the Chat Room discussions.

Male Survivor Male Survivor is a US based discussion board for male survivors, secondary survivors and researchers, women and transgender survivors.

Download brochure (PDF) of Resources and Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence Because We Are Not Alone (BWANA) A confidential, on-campus group offering support and facilitating healing and coping.

It is confidential, one to one help with a Lifeline Online Supporter.

NSW Rape Crisis Centre NSW Rape Crisis Centre provides a state-wide 24/7 telephone and online chat crisis counselling service to anyone who has been impacted by sexual violence.

The Line This government website features ‘Talk the line’' which is a weekly, closed, online forum to discuss some of the edgier issues to do with relationships.

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